Web Server and IE 7
John from United States  [3 posts]
10 years
I'm having a blast with a new Heathkit robot, but some minor trouble with the RoboRealm web server. When the server is accessed from Firefox it works great. But a couple key people need to see if from IE, and the .cgi won't open. Any idea why? I get an "unknown file type" error.

Meh, this is cgi...I don't get it.
Web Server and IE7
VorlonKen  [9 posts]
10 years
Hi John,

If you look in the documentation for the Web server module, you'll see the text

"Alternatively, if you are using FireFox or other MJPEG compliant browser (this does NOT include IE) you can access the image stream directly using http://localhost:8080/mjpeg.cgi"

For IE, you'll just have to make do with http://localhost:8080 where it picks up the index.html file.

John from United States  [3 posts] 10 years
Thanks, I did see that statement about IE but either missed or didn't know about the last part. I appreciate the response.

BTW, you have a really cool tool, and I'm planning to use it in a series of robotics courses we're developing. You'll be hearing from me again, I expect. :-)
VorlonKen  [9 posts] 10 years
RoboRealm is nothing to do with me I'm afraid to say (I wish it was though). I'm just another humble user too.
John from United States  [3 posts] 10 years
Well, it looks like I'm missing all the obvious clues. :-)

When I access the web server like this, (w/o the .cgi) I get some extra buttons, Up, Down, etc. They don't do anything that I can see, are they intended for PTZ cameras or something?
Anonymous 10 years
Yes, the buttons are intended to be able to move the camera ...this assumes that you have a moveable camera. You can check the tutorials on the internet camera as to how this cam be accomplished.

If you don't need the buttons just edit the index.html page in the downloaded RoboRealm folder and delete them. Note this is just a regular HTML page so you can add/edit/delete as needed.

Ahh, Ken, but we do consider you an honorable employee! Without your help RoboRealm would not be were it is today!


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