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13 years
Was wondering if there is a way to log all "IP" addrsses that cinnect to the server when running. Nicer still would be if it showed the IP address when there was a connection. Any ideas thoughts or suggestions on this? One other problem I have found which I don't know what the cause is, when starting the cam up the "UP" button doesn't want to work. After a little messing around I do get it to work though. Being I try so many different things I haven't yet figured out which thing I did to correct it. This happens whenever I first start the program. After doing the messing around and getting it to work it seems to work ok from there on out.


Anonymous 12 years

I assume you are taking about the built in webserver? If I understand you correctly, are you asking for a logfile of web requests that one normally has with Apache or IIS? Or just something in the RR interface to see the incoming requests? If it is the latter check out the Request Log in the Options->Web Server tab which provides that functionality.

If you can include your robofile that eventually works we can have a look to see what may be causing the issue. We assume you are using the Logitech Orbit camera?


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