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12 years
I would like to link 16 QuickCam Pro 9000 webcams and create a high resolution image with the mosaic function .
Now it seems that the maximum resolution is " 320x240 " , is there any solution to change this to " 1600x1200 " ?

kind regards
Anonymous 11 years

This is currently not possible as we have a 1600x1200 limitation on the total image size that can be processed with RoboRealm. This is possible to change but we'd like to know more about if this is really going to work. If I understand your post correctly you wish to create a 4x4 mosaic image of 16 1600x1200 images? This would result in an image of 6400x4800? Is this correct?

Are you using just USB to get all those 16 images into the PC? You'd probably want to test how long that will take to update that image as that is a LOT of information and the FPS will be quite slow.

If this is what you're looking for we can make some adjustments that will permit this image size ... but before doing so we thought to confirm your project.

Anonymous 11 years
Steven ,
6400x4800 is correct .
I've done a test with 2 different usb webcams and it worked to create a mosaic .
If it is not possible to use 16 webcams I also can use XY-table and move the webcam to the different positions .

Thanks for your reply .

Anonymous 11 years

RoboRealm was changed to support a maximum resolution of 6400x4800. You should see the change in the dropdown box in the Mosaic dialog. Let us know if you discover any further issues.  See ver for this addition.

Note that at 6400x4800 approx 120Meg of memory will be used.

Anonymous 11 years
Steven ,
Thank you for the modifications .
I've done a test with 2 switching mosaics 4x4 and get a framerate of 3FPS .
This was done with virtual pictures not with different webcams .
If there are results with webcams , I'll post the results .


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