Mahesh from India  [5 posts]
11 years
Hello, I have been trying to access the Robo Realm API using Python. When I try to access the variables that have been set by the Modules, Robo Realm returns with an empty string like
And hence my RE's don't match.
And only those variables which I set through the API are returned properly.
How can I access variables such as COG. Is the procedure the same as for getting user defined variables?
And how are we to know the exact name of the variables instantiated by the modules?
It will be helpful if the RR Team could provide us with a detailed documentation file containing things like channels and corresponding  numbers etc.
Or otherwise we have to create a .robo file and extract it from that all the time.
Secondly, Is it sensible enough to use Python to access the RoboRealm API considering my application is a Real Time one?


PS:Robo Realm is an Amazing Software. I feel its incomplete without a detailed documentation.

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