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I have ordered a bunch of cameras over the last year (Like 20)  I had a mini grant to test different cameras in a different application.
There are several posts about them on my website at www.profmason.com

Here is a list of my favorites:
2.4 Ghz USB camera
This camera works great.  For $60 you get a camera and a 2.4 Ghz to USB box.  The usb box works great and will pick up other cameras.  The camera has a built in LiIon battery that will run the camera for about an hour.  The only downside is that the camera is fairly large  5 x 7 cm.  I did pop mine open, but there is no easy way to make it smaller.  I had few problems with interference running it with another 2.4 ghz device.

2.4 Ghz Wireless cam
This camera is pretty small and the USB box for the camera above picks it up great!  Again interference problems are minimal.

USB 1.1 Low-Light Night Vision PC Camera
Best of the cheap cameras.  At $8.99 they are a lot of performance for the price.  The first 30 I bought had a phillips chipset, but some I bought later had a different inferior chipset.   Not good quality, but will stream 30 fps and has a built in gain (Video amplifier) also gives you access to shutter etc.

Logitech Quickcam Fusion Web Camera
More expensive wired camera.  Gives great picture and drivers give you full control over amplifier, shutter etc.

Things to avoid:
EasyCAP:  This is a hardware Svideo/composite to USB solution.  It uses a syntek chipset and is very finiky. It installed on one machine after about an hour of fiddiling and never would install on any of the others.  Even the machine on which it worked, it did not work well.  

Most cheap Webcams.  Poor image quality, no frame rates. Etc Etc.  Do not buy them!  

happy shopping!

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