Traking IR Ball
Ricardo Sampaio from Portugal  [7 posts]
11 years
wi all, again :)
im still working on image processing and still love RR and now my teacher gave me a new task.

Tri to get coordinates for a IR ball, the one used in robocup, for a new soccer robot project.

I have modify a normal web cam to get only IR light, (remove the normal IR filter and put a filter of visible light)

So all works well and the image is perfect but i have one problem...

So i made a program to tri to get the Coordinates of the ball avoiding the reflection, but ist not very good.

Any one want to help?

IR off

IR on

Ball close

far white reflex from the table

A box behind it (it could be a adversary robot or something so i need to fix this)

thx in advance
Ricardo Sampaio

Anonymous 11 years

That's a tough one. It appears that the images are over-saturated due to the intensity of the IR and thus the actual ball will not be any different in intensity than the reflections.

One minor improvement would be to try to detect the shape of the circular ball as in using Canny and Circles. But this will only work on some of your posted images. The one with the box behind it will just fail.

You will probably need to experiment with more filters or increase the dynamic range of the camera to allow it to view the ball in a slightly different intensity than the reflections.

You can also try to combine the IR image with a real image and use both to segment the ball out correctly. Use the IR image to determine which colors should be searched for and the actual visual image to determine the best grouping of those colors. This naturally requires two cameras or one that can switch into IR mode as needed. We can help you with that technique if you have can post two images, one being the IR and the other a visual one ... but they have to be very closely aligned!


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