update existing image
11 years
Hi friends,
I am setting image using setImage() (using java)
now if i have some pixel area to update on same image, can i do it in existing system.means i want to pass only pixel area i want to update, and existing image should be updated.
Please let me know if problem is not clear.if not possible then i need to create my own extention.please let me know if someone came across the same problem and have extention similer to this requirement

Thanks in advance.
Anonymous 11 years

Just for a little clarification: What is the purpose behind updating only a small part of the image?

If you are running RR and your external application on the same machine then bandwidth transmission of the full image should not be an issue. Have you thought about updating the image area in your application and then retransmitting the entire image to RR?

The reason for our question is to understand if adding a update partial image API command makes any sense.

Anonymous 11 years
Hi Steven,
                currently i am using my application on standalone system so i can work update to my application and send to RR.I just want to reduce the bandwidth because in future i have to work with networks.In that case it can be a bandwidth problem.


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