Idea to make Robot cameras look cooler
14 years
Has anyone tried something like this before?

Suppose I wanted my robot to have a security-camera look, but the actual money for purchasing a security camera might be outrageous, not to mention finding a usb digitizer to interface with the computer or a 12V to 24V power supply. What if you bought a smaller, less expensive USB camera "such as the 1 inch square board types," and then bought a very inexpensive dummy security camera off of ebay. Take the dummy security camera, gut the motion sensor and all its electronics out. Then take the  1" square camera and place it inside the dummy security camera case behind the lens? Mount servos to the dummy security camera case and you have a cool looking robot camera pan and tilt.

I know looks aren't supposed to be everything in robotics, but why not give it a try?

I'd like to try this but before I do, anyone see anything I might be missing in this scheme?

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