setImage Problem
Abhishek Verma from India  [6 posts]
11 years
Hi Friends,
I am using roboream using java.
i am tring to setImage like this ...

boolean loaded = rr.setImage("marker",imageData.data, imageData.width,imageData.height);
but as a result value of loaded is false.
and also in response i am getting [B@1457cb back from roborealm.

Can anybody helo how to set image and what does that responce means??

Thanks in advance
Anonymous 11 years
Sorry for the stupid question...got my problem solved.
responce is coming fine. :-)
Anonymous 11 years

doesn't seem like a stupid question to us. What did you not understand? Perhaps it can help others with a similar problem. We all learn from mistakes!

Anonymous 11 years
Hi Steven,
Sorry for not putting cause of my problem in my post.
As I reported a bug in setImage function i was getting wrong result from the function.
But I said that my question was stupid because i was printing a array and missed the conversion of array to string before printing, which resulting a output of something like this [B@... and i recognized my mistake afterwards.

But now i have another problem.I dont know the behaviour how setImage should work. Means if i say setImage, Roboream should display that Image to Image area or not. currently i am not able to see anything on image area.

i have byte array and using setImage(String,byteArray,width,hight) funtion.

Anyone know the behaviour..
Anonymous 11 years
If you use the first parameter "marker" then the image is saved in RR memory (as "marker") and is NOT displayed. You can either leave the first param empty "" or use "source" which will cause the image to be loaded into the viewable area as the main image to be processed.


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