orientation of my robot
11 years
hey!! i am using RR to control my robot from an over head camera, is there any way i can decide the orientation of my bot, i mean to know which way the robot is facing, then i can decide forward or right according to my own wish..... it seem that second moment of inertia might help.
   is there any way to do it in RR...
thnks to all..
Anonymous 11 years

Along the lines of


you would first extract out the robot (via color or shape, etc) and once the robot is the only 'blob' in the image you would then use the Moments module which will give you the orientation IF your robot shape is not symmetrical. I.e you cannot tell the orientation of the robot if the robot shape is round or triangular or square. Rectangular shapes will give you a +=180 degree orientation. Best to use an asymmetric shape.

The other possibility is to use two circles of different colors or size and determine the angle between the two circles. This would give you a reasonable idea of orientation.

The other possibility is to just move the robot and see how the robot motion is relative to the desired motion. Moving the robot straight for a bit will give you the two circle concept from above (i.e. one circle position in the past and the other in the present) which will tell you orientation.

Anonymous 11 years
hey!! Steven thnks for the reply. i am trying to use your second method.
and what i trying to do is two different colored circles stuck on top of the robot.
  once i get the COG's of each circle. i will use a VB script program to find the angle the line passing through the centers is makiing with the X axis.
but the problem i am facing is.
  i am first using the color filter module to filter out the two colors.
  then the blob filter module. but in the blob array i dont know which color is comming first..
    can u please help me out and give a few more details regarding finding the orientation of my bot!!!
  thnks for taking yor time and answering the queries...
Anonymous 11 years
before we can do things with a robot.. first we must make the controlling of robot robust,,,.. a module to identify a robot.from a over head camera might help..
Anonymous 11 years
Can you post such an image of your robot from an overhead cam? That would help to create something that actually works for you and not make any wrong assumptions about your robot.


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