canot open RR
11 years
hey... i am a bit stuck. i had downoaded RR a few months back.. bt hadnt had time to really go thru it.. rently i downloaded it again(for the more recent modules) bt now when ever i try to play my old saved .Roboi files.. it says.. not a valid win32 application.. also.. when i try out the" open with option" it  does not have RR in it as a program... plzz help me out...
thnks in advance
Anonymous 11 years
1. Run Roborealm.exe (if that does not work try holding down the CTRL key when you double click on RoboRealm)
2. Click on the Lower Open button.
3. Select the .robo file to load

Does that also cause the error?

Anonymous 11 years
hey thnks for the reply.. well the RoboRealm aplpication which comes with the down loaded file works fine bt when i try to open sum other robo file it says.not a valid win32 application...also in the open with programs page. RR is not there.. it was ther4e before i down loaded the file
Anonymous 11 years
Perhaps something happened to destroy that association. Try right clicking on a .robo and then select Open With and then Choose program. Select Roborealm.exe as the program to open with and click on the checkbox that says something about always use this program to open.

Perhaps when you do this it will regain that association.


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