NXT Motor Brakes
14 years
In reference to the Lego NXT module; Is it possible to add a motor brake toggle box so that the motor brake can be activated when the motor servo value is at 128?
Nick Matheos  [17 posts] 14 years
I have been using the mailbox and bluetooth setup to make my nxt robot to "brake."  The upside is I can run some of the robots features on the brick itself and increase my frames per sec. on roborealm.  My downside was that I am running 2 nxt bricks, and roborealms interface slows down to about 10 fps with the 2 nxt modules in my roborealm program.

Here is an example of a basic remote for my robot.
Im just including one bricks software.  Arrow keys drive robot (2 motor, skid steering (b,c)), and page up and down run motor port a.

I understand you probly want to run all software on the computer, but to reduce bluetooth bottle necks, I have decided to add basic reflexes on my robot to reduce bluetooth traffic.

I would love to see robo files or anything you wish to share



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