Program not starting
Henk from Netherlands  [6 posts]
11 years
The roborealm program issn't starting anymore after working fine the first time. It gives me a "encouterd a problem and needs to close" before even opening the program. I know it's a vage desciption, but I have no idea what has caused the problem, some driver issue or something? The IR tower works fine with the standard Lego software.

Hope someone has a few options to test out?

Thank you in advance,

Henk Menkhorst
The Netherlands
Anonymous 11 years
Try running RR while holding down the CTRL key ... that prevents RR from loading past settings which may be causing issues.

Henk from Netherlands  [6 posts] 11 years
Hey STeven,
I haven't found this method so soon. Thank you.
I have said it before, and will say it again, you have a great product here! And a wonderfull support!

Thank you very much!
Henk Menkhorst
The Netherlands

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