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11 years

i am working on a project with RR.  i need to use a camera/webcam to record events and identify certain stationary/moving objects, e.g coins, cars, people clothes  n other moving objects...

so far i've had no problem recognizing these objects using snapshots but i cant figure out how to do this on a running video.
how to program RR to stop when it identifies an object, take a snapshot for further processing and then proceed?

do u have an idea?

Anonymous 11 years
What you need to do is to toggle a variable when whatever you are recognizing is identified. Use this variable in an IF statement (Statements->IF_Statement) that surrounds the Loading/Saving->Write Images module that would save the current image to disk. Then you would clear the variable using Statements->Set_Variable to continue .. perhaps you could also add in the Other->Timer module to wait a little bit before continuing. These last three modules would be contained in the If statement scope that thus would not execute unless the variable being tested meets the requirements.

Think of it more like a trigger than happens during processing. RoboRealm never really "stops" but can be made to ignore things by using the conditional statement.

If you have any further questions please post the robofile that you currently have and we can help you by adding in the needed modules ... also remember to include an image as that really helps in understanding the purpose of the task.


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