rxc transmitting problem
11 years
eh... hi... i was trying to send something to my rcx box... a HUGE program... but somehow... after a couple tries... i cant send anymore... it just keeps telling me "can not find rcx" i replaced the batteries and turned off all the lights so its a dark room... but it STILL DOESNT WORK... can anyone please help...
Anonymous 11 years
1. Double check the batteries as the problem you describe is one we have encountered when the batteries where quite low.

2. Try redownloading the firmware as that may help

3. Check that the LED's on the tower (assuming IR here) actually work ... just have a look at them using a IR sensitive camera (most webcam's are slightly IR sensitive) to ensure that you see them flicker during a download.

4. Ensure that the RCX IR is facing the tower too.

5. If you have access to another tower/rcx (perhaps a friend has one?) try switching the tower and RCX to see if perhaps either the RCX or the tower is bad.

Hopefully one of those helps you out a little ...

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