Traffic Light Detection
15 years
what i'm trying to do is:

1. Use the webcam to detect the presence of the traffic light and let the PC know it has detected a traffic light,
2. identify which light is on(e.g green in attached picture) and
3.then generate a message on my PC whether the car can pass or not?
Anonymous 15 years
Are you assuming that the traffic light has already been located in the image or not. For example, using the full scene photos and we try to find a circular blob that is either red or green to detect the lights. If you know more about how your camera is positioned you could also filter blobs under a certain Y coordinate to reduce false matches on green hedges or whatever.

We've included a robofile that you can use to process the two images. With one the variable traffic_light is "stop" while the other is "go".

This should help you get started.


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