Crashes in Shape_Match with v1.7.21.1
Aron  [3 posts]
11 years
Hi, I just downloaded RoboRealm v1.7.21.1 and I'm having crashes with the shape match module whenever the camera picks up a noisy binary image it seems. Also, I noticed a bug in shape matching when you have a symmetrical object it thinks that the orientation is rapidly changing between 0 and 180 degrees etc I had to fix that with a VB script that kept the angle below 180.

Kudos to the programmers on such a great free program. -Aron
Anonymous 11 years

thanks for the bug tip. That has been found and fixed. The fix will be in the Monday release (we're assuming this is not a time critical bug).

What did you do in VBScript to limit the orientation? Are you just enforcing that the angle is < 180? This is a problem with the shape matching on symmetrical objects. Unfortunately we can't do much to remove that problem and not cause issues with other shapes. The best solution is probably the one that you did ... if you know you are working with symmetrical shapes then check if the angle is > 180 then subtract 180.

Maybe we will add a checkbox in that interface to do that ...

Thanks again!

Anonymous 11 years
Hi STeven, thanks for fixing the error so quickly! I'll wait for the monday version to show off this software to my company to see if we can integrate it into our prototype robotic assembly line (for visual measurement and possibly rotational alignment of panels if its accurate enough). I constrained the angle by making a new VBScript variable that get subtracted by 90 or 180 degrees in a loop until the number is less than 90 or 180.


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