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11 years
hey; i wanted to use the shape match module to identify shapes from an existing folder, but i cant seem to work it out;
1> i need a black and white image to put in the database(folder) bt how do i get the image to black and white.. i tried auto thresholding but it changes a lot more than the object.
2> when i ask it to recognise should that also be a black and white image
plz... some body give me the exact sequence to use the shape match sequence appropriately
Anonymous 11 years
You may want to attach the images that you are currently working on and the robofile that you used to get those irregular results. Without an image it is almost impossible to understand what your issues are without asking many questions.

You will get a better response if you include the images. You can also have a look at


for other ideas.

The basic premise of shape matching is to

1. Generate a nice clean black and white image by
  a. threshold either using intensity or color
  b. remove small noise blobs
2. add in shape matching module that is trained to similar b&w images.
3. process the results as needed (either save them to disk, transmit them, etc.)


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