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12 years
I'd like to control my RCX. I hav Mindstorms 1.5, so I must use the COM1. I select "COM1" in the Select-Box. When I now click on a Sound-Radiobutton, there comes a "Phantom Error": "Remember to call InitCom() first." What can I do?

Sorry about my English, but I am from Switzerland.
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There is a minor error (that has now been corrected) in that if you first select one of the sound buttons you will get that popup error. If you instead select one of the motor scroll bars in the Lego interface you will not see that error and the comm initialization will happen correctly.

However, the reason you are seeing the error is that the RCX does not appear to be on COM1. If you are using the USB IR tower it is VERY unlikely that the RCX is connected to COM1 so you may want to try some of the other COM ports instead (typically COM4).

If you are using the serial version then it is possible that COM1 is your appropriate port.

So try selecting a com port and then moving one of the motors. That would help you understand if the connection is working correctly.


problems with RCX
11 years

We use RCX in school. We want to create a program in delphi. We get the same error as the Switzer. We use RCX with USB. Can you maybe explain the sollution to this error in a way we understand;)

I come from germany, so i'm sorry for my terrible english:)

thanks for help

11 years
Bei mir funktionierte es in der neuen Version...
Anonymous 11 years

did the newest version fix your issue?


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