3 wheel robot object tracking
11 years
hi i have another idea to work with the object tracking without servo motors with parellel port , i could change in the robot Mechanic system i mean i will not going  to work with tank steering way " a motor in every wheel " i will going to use a 3 wheel robot i mean i will use a stepper motor for steering and a dc motor with gear box for drive and this from parrallel port by using wireless connection so the robot will going to move left or right with the object and mesure the distance between the object and the robot so when the object is far away it is running for it until it reach for certain distance and of course the wireless cam is fixd with the sterring wheel it  is the  same idea that u have here with green ball traking and i will make the robot also line tracking  but a street line tracking not have any carve this my last project in collage so i really would 2 have ahelp buz i do not have mush time so plz replay soon as u can to know if this will going to work or not thank u again for your help
Anonymous 11 years

I think you're on the right track. It is a little hard to understand what you are trying to do based on your message post. Perhaps you could take some more time to explain in clearer sentences what you are trying to do. Also, keep questions here related in this forum to software. We do not have the knowledge or possibility to answer hardware oriented questions and thus they are better asked in other forums.


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