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QR Code read [4]
Was able to make it work with Data Matrix, even though I'm not sure what the Segmentation is for.
3 year 4 2260
QR Code read [3]
Thanks, I just wanted to verify that it worked because I wasn't able to read Micro QR code. I added...
3 year 4 2260
QR Code read
I can't seem to be able to read QR Codes using roborealm, I'm adding a picture and "Barcode Reader" I enable QR Code and DataMat...
3 year 4 2260
OCR Fonts
Is there a way to add more fonts into the OCR? I'm working on a new device, the numbers and letters look great, but it keeps thi...
3 year 2 1455
OCR Curved text [3]
Thanks, I attached a new image. Yeah, the idea is to have the camera fixed for better results. Also...
4 year 8 2388
OCR Curved text
I was trying to use OCR in a curved text but (7 numbers) and it was only able to read 3 of them. Is there a way to read it all? ...
4 year 8 2388
OCR Curved text [6]
It works great, thanks. Is it also possible to flatten the attached image to also use with OCR? I ...
4 year 8 2388
OCR Curved text [5]
Oh wow, sorry for the delay, I was expecting to get an email when there was any change in this post, I must have missed it.
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