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Array Variables
I have a question about assigning values TO an element of an array variable. I have followed the RR...
6 years 1 1588
Annotations [3]
Here is the desired outcome.   I'm trying to create an application will eventually be run...
6 years 4 1790
A couple of questions about annotations... 1)  Is there a way to clear some or all annota...
6 years 4 1790
Automatic Image Calibration
Hello, I am trying to use Automatic Image Calibration, but I'm having difficulty.  I have...
6 years 2 2187
Cal & Thickness Probe
The attached robofile illustrates two odd behaviors. 1) The auto calibration will not work on the o...
6 years 3 2001
Problems Using GetArrayVariable in VBScript
I can't seem to get GetArrayVariable in a VBScript to work.  I suppose there is some Dim or ReDim required, but I'm no...
6 years 3 1904
Problems Using GetArrayVariable in VBScript [2]
Ah, I discovered that there are two things causing problems... 1) The variables in question were cr...
6 years 3 1904
Camera Support [5]
I have purchased one of these document cameras - I will let you know if it works....
6 years 6 1445
Camera Support [3]
I found this additional information on the IPEVO website.  Does this clarify whether the camera will work with RR?
6 years 6 1445
Camera Support
I am working on applications that involve primarily processing of a single static image.  Typically, the items of inte...
6 years 6 1445
Camera Support [6]
I received my IPEVO camera and it works fine with RR....
6 years 6 1445

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