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Facial feature extraction
Is it possible to make facial feature extraction with Roborealm? If yes, do you have ideas? I heard that STeven of Roborealm is ...
13 years 2 1458
Socket problem with Moment Statistics
Dear STeven   I tried connecting the socket with C#. But the socket connection keeps conn...
13 years 5 2234
Thanx a lot [5]
thanx a lot, it works perfectly :)...
13 years 5 2234
Re : [3]
Dear STeven   It seems that it is not related to C# programming code because the situatio...
13 years 5 2234
The data reading problem [4]
Dear STeven   Thanx for your help. The Socket reads in data is in bytes format. After ado...
13 years 7 5902
Reading Variables in C#
May I ask how to read the variable via socke with C#? I tried exploring the extension package but failed to find the way to read...
13 years 7 5902
Thanx. [7]
Thanx a lot, it works :)...
13 years 7 5902
screenshot [5]
Sorry, I posted the wrong pictures, here they are ...
13 years 7 5902

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