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Newbie circles [4]
Steven, Now playing with object recognition. WOW how cool.  As you can see I would like to sort coins. P...
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Newbie circles [5]
Robo so far. Thinking There are a lot of other bells and whistles I can add but until I play with everything Just have no idea w...
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Newbie circles [7]
Ok axial lighting setup. I have some lights setup on track lighting or table top spots. ...
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Newbie circles [9]
6 years 13 2653
Newbie circles [10]
Ordered a new light. Should work better. ANy ideas on a better camera for motion and detail?
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Go Pro [2]
Has anyone used a Go Pro camera? I think with the new Pro3 that the numbers are up to a point where it will have a lot of detail...
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Newbie circles [2]
First time trying software out and am trying to follow the color tracking tutorial. What I would like to do is a little simpler ...
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