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RR not saving [3]
This issue seems to come up randomly, it's not consistent. We noticed it in some cases after making changes to the VBscript, sa...
4 years 3 688
RR not saving
Lately we have an repeating issue that we save the RR file and the changes in the VB scripts are not saved. We are using version...
4 years 3 688
too many modules slowing down processing? [4]
Steven, Thank you for the response. The processing times are not very helpful, sometimes they on so...
5 years 4 771
too many modules slowing down processing? [2]
We are using many modules for the study we are programming and it seems that it is slowing down the processing. Any suggestions?...
5 years 4 771
Coroware Corobot module variables [4]
STeven, Indeed, the configuration has changed. Our robot has the following dimensions: the shoulder...
5 years 3 1172
Coroware Corobot module variables [2]
I was wondering if you can give me more detail about how the arm_x and arm_y values are calculated based on shoulder and elbow v...
5 years 3 1172

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