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Distributor client crashing [4]
Works! Thanks....
11 year 3 1502
Distributor client crashing [2]
Hi Steven, There seems to be a problem with the Distributor client module. Every time I open it, RR...
11 year 3 1502
Object recognition or fiducual? [5]
Hi STeven, I tried the shape match module. It works well except it gets confused between certain nu...
11 year 6 4239
Object recognition or fiducual? [2]
Hi, I am using RR on my robot to identify markers on a path so that the robot knows where it is. The...
11 year 6 4239
USB2Dynamixel [2]
Hi, I have the USB2Dynamixel and have attached 6 servos to it. Unfortunately RR cannot detect them!...
11 year 1 2901
Arduino PWM [2]
I am trying to set the PWM dutycycle on the Arduino UNO using the Sparkfun_Arduino module in RoboRealm. I need to set if between...
11 year 2 2446

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