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Official Kinect Drivers [6]
If you have any successess interfacing the two (with the API I assume) let me know.  I am a junior high teacher, so an...
8 years 6 3082
Official Kinect Drivers [4]
Any progress towards using the MS driver?  I'd very much like to have the ability to use the noise cancelling microph...
8 years 6 3082
irobot create 'demo variable' [2]
Whenever I set something for the variable, I seem unable to get manual control of the motors back.  I've tried using ...
8 years 4 2142
irobot create 'demo variable' [4]
I discovered the reason that the motor control is lost is that the create goes into 'passive' OI.  Changing the vari...
8 years 4 2142
Interface sugestions [2]
In the interface, it would be nice if you could add a .robo file as though it were a module - that way things could be compartme...
8 years 3 1104
Training objects with windows 7 [4]
I've tried with several images: My face, a yellow ball, a hand.  Nothing seems to come up and occasionally when I try...
8 years 4 1602
Training objects with windows 7 [2]
I just installed licenced RR on a netbook running Windows 7 Starter.  When I add an object with the OR module they don...
8 years 4 1602
Kinect Module [2]
Are the drivers you suggest installing for the RR module compatible with OpenNI?  I can't seem to get my kinect to do...
8 years 2 2177
Audio streaming [2]
Can anyone suggest a program to stream audio from a mic to HTTP so I can 'listen in' to the web interface when the robot is ou...
8 years 1 1237
Voice profiles for listen [2]
Is there any way to get face recognition to select the appropriate voice profile for the listen module?  I can get the...
8 years 2 2232

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