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Velleman 8055
Hi STeven, yet another obstacle. I just need to flip one bit of I/O. My Velleman K8055 works with my 32 bit versio...
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programmatically  change variables within a module?
Is there a way to programmatically change variables within a module? From script or through the API?...
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Max Value in a array [4]
Hi again, Actually the array returned by the line profile module requires a record size of 3 and an offset of 1 to...
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Max Value in a array [3]
Got It, Thank you STeven...
28 days 4 63
Max Value in a array
I'm using Line profile to determine when an item crosses any part of the line. The maximum value returned used as ...
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Is RR Idle Yet? [3]
Thank you STeven. It was not clear to me that waitimage was after the processing. Thanks again!...
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Is RR Idle Yet?
I'm working in vb.net. I need to know when RR is Idle (done processing the pipeline)...
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