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interfacing an Arduino with robo realm? [19]
Ahh, Its good to be back on this forum. I haven't had time to do any Roborealm for months but exams are gonna start and end soo...
7 years 20 11781
interfacing an Arduino with robo realm? [17]
Hello ProfMason, I am having a bit of trouble getting the Arduino to listen to the COM port. I am ...
7 years 20 11781
programatically moving line profile [3]
Hey Steve, Can you explain your situation a bit more clearly. What do you mean by drawing a profile...
7 years 5 905
Setvariable RGB filter colour [5]
Awesome! I never tried to open the .robo files in a text editor to see whats in them. Their structure is so simple to follow.
7 years 4 3592
Setvariable RGB filter colour [3]
Ah, by the way I am going to start using sockets with Visual C++ (wish me luck I'm very new) but I want to know how to access v...
7 years 4 3592
Laser spot processing [5]
Hey Lakshmi, I have an exposure option on my webcam by going into Options -> Video Capture and t...
7 years 4 798
Setvariable RGB filter colour [2]
Hello all, What a great program :D And a useful forum too. I have bee...
7 years 4 3592
Laser spot processing [3]
Hey Lakshmi, I still haven't used lasers with Roborealm but I can imagine your situation. If you c...
7 years 4 798
Installation problem [3]
Hi Alba, I don't know if you've already seen this but this is the installation instructions for t...
7 years 4 1782
Distinguishing Objects w.r.t. distance [3]
Hi nmeyer, From what I know, to distinguish distance you will need to use two cameras. Otherwise, i...
7 years 2 798
interfacing vbscript with serial [3]
Hey Paddy, From what I've experienced with Roborealm is that it won't let you manipulate the vari...
7 years 2 881

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