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blob identification [4]
Hi I am using Blob_filter module and I saw the checkbox. The resoults are the same if you check ord...
7 years 7 3605
blob identification [2]
Halo! I have a problem. I can not understand why are blobs numbered/ordered in order of the Y- posit...
7 years 7 3605
border points [2]
Hi! I have a little problem... I am trying to find min_x and max_x value on a speciefied Y (for example COG_Y). I ...
8 years 6 4987
border points [7]
Thank you STeven!!! I have tried this way before, but I made a stupid mistake....
8 years 6 4987
border points [5]
Just a correction: The result is not 0 is nothing (is empty)! Blaz...
8 years 6 4987
border points [4]
Thanks STeven! Edge probe is the right thing. But I have an another problem... When you do the Edge...
8 years 6 4987

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