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People counting [4]
I have been looking at people counting over the last day or so using the video Sebastian supplied. I have come up with the robo ...
8 years 5 3921
documentation [2]
Is there any chance of making the help available offline, eg. zip up the documentation as an additional download? ...
9 years 2 912
Moment statistics bug [4]
The trouble is they are not recorded AT ALL, even when the variables become valid later on. You call it correct - I call it a bu...
9 years 4 818
Moment statistics bug [2]
When I calculate Moment Statistics the variables it creates do not appear in RR until after they are detected. eg. If I do a mov...
9 years 4 818
how to close RoboRealm from Python API [5]
Thanks, kill process was what I was after....
9 years 4 1108
how to close RoboRealm from Python API [2]
OK I figured how to open RR from Python eg. RR_port = "6060" import subprocess
9 years 4 1108

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