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The BrookStone Rover module provides an interface to the BrookStone Rover. The Rover is a inexpensive mobile camera that is targeted towards telepresense functions but also makes a decent robot when combined with a vision system. As the robot transmits images much like an IP Camera does (in fact the internals are partially based on an IP Camera) the processing of images needs to happen off the robot. As the communication uses 802.11 the robot is capable of transmitting 320x240 or 640x480 sized images at 30 frames per second (fps) assuming sufficient lighting. This image can then be processed within RoboRealm and movement commands can be send back to the robot.

As with most IP Cameras and webcams in general, if insufficient lighting is avaiable you will get a reduced frame rate. In addition, more motion blur will be visible as the camera image exposure will increase. To get best results keep the robot within sufficient lighting or turn on the IR light.

Note that this Rover (version 1.0 is white) is no longer available from Brookstone but you can find them available in Amazon or Ebay.



1. Connection - Switch on the Rover and connection to the AC13_XXXXX ssid that should be available a couple seconds after switcing on the Rover. Assuming you have not changed any of its configuration all the default information should be correct. After a couple seconds the module should connect to the Rover and start streaming video.

It is possible to connect the Rover to your own network and drive the Rover via the Internet by using a different IP address and a copy of RoboRealm on the remote side. While possible, the setup of such a configuration is atypical and should not be attempted by those unfamilar with port forwading, firewalls, etc.

2. IP Address - The IP address of the Rover. Do not change unless you have changed this on the Rover. Default is

3. Port - The connection port of the Rover. Do not change unless you have changed this on the Rover. Default is 80.

4. Username/Password - The authorization information used to gain access to the Rover. Default is AC13/AC13

5. Remember as Default - If you have changed the default configuration be sure to leave the Remember checkbox checked. This will ensure that each time you add the Rover module it will use your last configuration information as the default.

6.Motors - The motor control allow you to change the direction and speed of the Rover's motors (i.e. to drive it).

7. Motors Slider - By dragging the sliders you can move the Rover wheels appropriately. Note that this is not the easiest way to drive the Rover as you can only change one wheel at a time by dragging with the mouse. The sliders are meant for testing purposes (more on easier driving later).

8. Motors Current Value - The motor values will range from 10 to -10 depending on the desired speed. Again this interface is for testing purposes as you will not normally driver the Rover using an actual number.

9. Motors Variable - The best way to driver the Rover is to use another module as the interface which modifies variables that contain the value sent to the Rover motors. You should select those variables (or type them in if not already created) into the dropdown box. Note that this will disable the manual slider and value boxes to indicate that the motors are now under control from the variable. These variables will then be set appropriatly by other interface modules and provide a common communication method to the Rover. See Variable Control for more information on how to programatically move the robot.

10. Video Size - You can select how large an image you want to receive from the Rover. Most of the smartphone apps will use 320x240 but the Rover is capable of 640x480 which can easily be handled by a PC desktop/laptop/netbook.

11. IR Activated - The Rover comes with an IR light that can be turned on when in really dark locations (like your closet!). The checkbox will activate the IR light which will increase the image intensity. Note that this is an Infrared Light which means you will NOT see this light so watch the image to see this become activated.


 Click Here to load a configuration to control the Rover robot using a joystick.

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