Can Roborealm get screen images from a different program running?
Steven Ciciora from United States  [1 posts]
8 year
Where I work we have an older wave meter (measures the exact wavelength of light) that has no way to communicate the results except by what is displayed on the VGA screen.  We need to synchronize a dye laser based on what the wave meter is displaying (numeric digits on the screen).  Is there a way to have Roborealm also run on this windows computer, and look at what the other program is displaying, and use the OCR module to read the number?  This sure would make me look like a hero if it could!  :-)  If it can't be done in software, I'll look into some sort of VGA digitizer, or build one with an FPGA.


Steven Ciciora
Anonymous 8 year
Hi Steven,

For a quick test try taking a print screen of the window and open up paint and paste and see if the screen shows up. If that works then it should be fairly easy to setup a program that takes some screenshots on and save it to a folder that RR can process. The rest you can follow the tutorial on reading digital displays http://www.roborealm.com/tutorial/Digital_Reader/slide010.php, alternatively you could use this  tutorial as well to do the whole capture if you have a camera pointing to a monitor
Steven Gentner from United States  [273 posts] 8 year
You may find the module


to be useful.


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