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Hi everyone, I'm spending a lot of time searching on the web and it is impossible to find the information I want.

I'm creating my final project for my University and I'm creating a robot using a wireless cam. It would be very nice if the images from the cam could be processed using the RoboRealm software.
Just found this camera, on eBay but i don't know if it is possible to make the image sent directly to the RoboRealm software.

eBay link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/W103-Wanscam-IP-Camera-Wif…

Is there another cheaper cam that can be used on my project?
The robot will be a prototype, so It is not necessary to have a very nice quality cam.
Anonymous 12 year
Looks like the post on ebay was already removed .. or you didn't get the entire link ...

I think this is the one you saw


Seems like it will work if you can find the right url to use in the HTTP Read module. If you know of one online that can be tested that would be ideal.

Foscam is usually decent quality for low price.


and we have a custom module for that camera.

ronn0011  [73 posts] 12 year
Is it possible also using foscam to navigate the robot wirelessly with avm. I wonder the use o this camera are required the use of internet ? Or the camera is just like receiver and transmitter. The video is transmitted wirelessly
Anonymous 12 year
Well i need a tutorial teaching how to configure a IP wireless cam, so the software cam make the image analysis.
Anonymous 12 year
Steven Gentner it is exactly the camera that I was looking at ebay. Do you know how to make that works with roboRealm? Modulo? I was thinking about a easier way to use the cam with the software. This camera sends the image through the internet, with ports. Is there any place inside roborealm software that is possible to configure that and receive the information?
Do you have any website showing thaT?
Anonymous 12 year
Bmw318be, you do not need the internet to run this but you DO need a network. I'm trying to use your terminology in the way I think you are using it ... since the Internet is a network I think what you are asking is if you need the camera connected to the Internet in order for it to work. The answer is no, you can create an internal network that uses the camera without any connection to the Internet. Two computers create a network.

BUT watch when using these types of cameras for high speed movement. They always create a second or two lag due to compression and transmission that can cause the AVM module to oscillate wildly! If you are looking for high speed navigation, a webcam attached to a laptop/netbook is the way to go.

DFaria, each IP Camera uses a different configuration so we can't create a tutorial on that topic otherwise we'd confuse everyone on what they need to do. If you are going to use a camera that does not already have a module in RR that's much trickier if you are not familiar with HTML. At the very least you need to get the camera working from a browser.Once that is done you can typically use that same IP address in either the specialized module or the HTTP Read and get an image. From then on its like using a webcam.

If you place the camera on the internet or know of one on the internet we can send you a pre-configured HTTP read module that should do the job. This configuration is JUST the correct url and nothing else. So it is not a lot of configuration but just what is needed to access an image.

The better bet is to find this online somewhere in demo mode before you purchase it so we can be sure it works as expected ... again, EVERY IP Camera has a different way of doing this so there is no guarantee until you try it that things will work correctly.

Anonymous 12 year
STeven Again thanks for the information.
I know that i don't need the internet to get access to the camera. I'll do that using a router. But I don't know if it is easy to make the roborealm reads the url from the cam. I don't know if all I need to do is type the url in somewhere inside the software  and everything will work fine. There is a login system inside the url from the camera and I don't know how roborealm will behave will that.

Like you noticed I'm not american, so I don't know if I'm transmitting my intention correctly.

I just want to make roborealm filter some colors and identify a specifically color during the Cam broadcast.
Anonymous 12 year
I think i found something explaining basics things close that i want to make.
Anonymous 12 year

You've identified part of the issue. That url that you talk about is key. This would be placed in the HTTP Read module and things may or may not work correctly from there. Again, every IP camera does this a bit differently so there is never a sure fire way of doing this with a camera that we've not yet worked with.

ronn0011  [73 posts] 12 year
Hi steven

Regarding this ip camera. Can u elaborate how to use wireleaa camera w/ o internet. Do i nees router ?

Because based on this

We need to first connect the cam with router, does every router has ip address ?. How can actually the images is transmitted without internet connection. And yrt i am still be able to see the camera view.

Would ip camera also has mic for 2 way com.

ronn0011  [73 posts] 12 year
Sorry to provide more clarity of my q , as u mentioned previosly, let me quote "if you need the camera connected to the Internet in order for it to work. The answer is no, you can create an internal network that uses the camera without any connection to the Internet. Two computers create a network." , so it is possible for me ,let say i am using foxcam, i am able to connect the foxcam to any remote computer and in this remote computer, i am able to detect the foxcam .

My doubts is in order to be connected to rr module we need to specify the url right. How we get the url without internet connection.

And In my situation of public environment, i am not able to access their router as it has a lot of encryption for internet security purposes. Although i can get internet, i am not able to configure the foxcolam to router.

So i hope i can make a direct connection either to any computer
Anonymous 12 year

You will need to create what is called an 'ad-hoc network' between the camera and the computer. This is very similar to just using a single ethernet wire from your computer to the camera but you will need to assign static IPs to both devices in order for this to work (unless you want to get into the wild world of ICS).

How you setup an ad-hoc network is beyond our area in this forum. There are many resources out on the web that will show you how to do this. I'd also recommend reading up on basic networking too as you will need that background when understanding when things go wrong.

Note that the url that you mention above contains those static ips that you decide on (typically 192.168.0.X or 10.0.0.X). Again, read up on this on the web as you have a lot to cover.

ronn0011  [73 posts] 12 year
Thx steven, so basicly i dont need a router.

What if i use the router wired to foxcom and place it in the robot and controlled from a laptop. Would it be considered  as adhoc network. I have seen this link, the author attached linksys router on the robot and can be driven up to 500
M ( router area coverage )


Can u give comment on this

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