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Accessing individual pixels
Hi, How do I access individual pixels to compute some new arithmetic on it. Thanks Sud...
17 year 3 2856
Track lowest point of an object
How do I track the lowest point of an object such as the one in the picture? (I wanna track the red dot)
17 year 2 3105
Texture and terrain recognition [3]
Yeah, I've used the wall finder and the floor finder module to detect the road. However, the light intensities vary every so of...
17 year 5 5010
Texture and terrain recognition
Hi there, I am currently working on a project that is somewhat similar to the DARPA urban challenge, except that ...
17 year 5 5010
Beta module and extensions [3]
Hi, Thanks for such a quick response. Could you possibly send me the link to your be...
17 year 3 2856
Instead of cropping [3]
Hi, I'm quite familiar with cropping and have used it in many of my applications. However, I would like to set u...
17 year 4 2964
Region of interest
Hi again, I would like to know how to setup a robo file which can track objects in a specified region of interest....
17 year 4 2964
API in C++
I seem to have some issues with accessing the RR API server with c++. I don't understand why the main.cpp doesn't compile.
17 year 5 3176
Fatal error c1083 [3]
Hi, I'm using Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition and the error reads c1083 fatal error.
17 year 5 3176
Accessing markers through API C++
Hi, I've a couple of errors trying to access markers through RR's API server in C++. Heres my code...
17 year 2 2823
Thanks for the fps option [5]
Great! Thanks a lot you guys. Its great to have a team of dedicated engineers help ppl out. Thanks again.
17 year 5 2410
Decreasing fps to a specific value
Hi, I would like to decrease the fps of the output to 5fps. Is this possible? Furthermore, I would like to decrea...
17 year 5 2410
Reduce frame rate from C++ API [3]
Hi, Is there a way to reduce the frame rate to around 3fps ( I checked, and the lowest framerate RR supports is 6...
17 year 5 2410
Roborealm and MATLAB
Hi, Is there a way to acquire the output video feed of RoboRealm (after certain specific functions performed by RR...
15 year 14 11099
Roborealm and MATLAB [4]
Hi Steven, I realize that your work is extremely hectic, but I would really appreciate if you could get back to me...
15 year 14 11099
Roborealm and MATLAB [3]
Thanks for replying promptly, It would be really helpful if you could describe elaborately how to access roborealm...
15 year 14 11099
Roborealm and MATLAB [9]
I've used MATLAB's engine library to send data to MATLAB from C++ commands. This way I can access RR's API with C++ and send ...
15 year 14 11099

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