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Module request
I was wondering if you could implement a timestamp module to display the time/date on images, or add the option of printing the ...
17 year 6 3642
Module request [5]
The module worked better than I had hoped.  My only concern lies with the timer enhancement, because it only allows yo...
17 year 6 3642
Module request [4]
Thanks STeven, for adding these modules/enhancements so quickly.  ...
17 year 6 3642
I remembered I have a lego spybotics set lying in my basement and was wondering if it is possible to control it with Roborealm....
17 year 6 3986
Spybots [5]
STeven thanks for the advice on NXT.  I am not looking for industrial strength, but I need something a little more pow...
17 year 6 3986
Spybots [3]
Well nothing in the software that comes with it allows you to enter any sort of direct mode.  The cable is kind of wei...
17 year 6 3986
Capturing images [5]
I got it working by doing what you said.  Thanks STeven, you're very helpful....
17 year 7 3530
Capturing images [3]
I added that, but it never wrote the image file, so that is why I was wondering if perhaps there is another way to do that. ...
17 year 7 3530
Capturing images
Hi. I just got your program and was really impressed by it. Right now I use a combination of movement and medians and cog to det...
17 year 7 3530

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