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Adam from United States  [9 posts]
17 year
I was wondering if you could implement a timestamp module to display the time/date on images, or add the option of printing the time/date on images before saving them with write images.  Would you consider adding the option of milliseconds to the already existing timer module too?
It would be great if you added any of these things to RoboRealm.
me too!!
charlie from United Kingdom  [9 posts]
17 year
i know it would be difficult to do, but is there any way of useing sterio vision (mainly for range sencing) , i was thinking of haveing one primary camera to do shape recognition etc. then useing a second one just to find the distance.
Date/Time Module Added
17 year
Adam, we added a new date/time stamp module that should be what you were looking for. We also updated the timer module to accept millisecond delays. Please download RoboRealm again and give it a try.

You can have a look at the time/date stamp at http://www.roborealm.com/help/Display_DateTime.php

Charlie, we're currently adding in optical flow which should provide some range information. After that we will be adding support for multiple cameras. From there we will branch into stereo correlation which is very similar to optical flow. But this will only be in several months ... sorry for the wait! But thanks for the note, it is on the list!

Adam from United States  [9 posts] 17 year
Thanks STeven, for adding these modules/enhancements so quickly.  
Adam from United States  [9 posts] 17 year
The module worked better than I had hoped.  My only concern lies with the timer enhancement, because it only allows you to time up to 60 milliseconds. Should be 1000.
Anonymous 17 year

We noticed that issue too ... but you should be able to type a number > 60 ... we figured putting 1-1000 in the dropdown would be a bit much! Let me know if you find that you can't type numbers in that text box (it was just a dropdown before but we switched it to a combo). You should already be running that version.


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