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To EDV [3]
It is easy. You should just switch AVM Navigator to "Watching mode" and further you should show motion gesture by your hand to...
12 year 5 2064
AVM Navigator [3]
I will take into consideration your request in next version of AVM Navigator. So, let's wait next Navigator modif...
12 year 5 3575
input bounding box data to avm [5]
Use NV_TRACKING_DEPTH variable for object tracking managing: ...
10 year 5 2765
Clarrify licence ( 1st january 2012) [6]
The AVM Navigator is an additional module that is distributed along with RoboRealm and you can download it from your account lin...
12 year 5 2308
AVM [3]
Unfortunately but I not provide source code or detail documentation about AVM algorithm within AVM Navigator project.
12 year 5 3552
avm [7]
In dialog window of RoboRealm "Lego NXT" module there is "Servos" page. So, if you have lot of servos amounting to your NXT ...
13 year 6 2234
avm [5]
But servo would be better solution for camera turning because it participates in initial localization of "Marker mode" and "N...
13 year 6 2234
avm [3]
You should use servo for camera turning and use variable NV_TURRET_BALANCE in this case. But if you use just simple motor instea...
13 year 6 2234
Object recognition or fiducual? [7]
>> Could you perhaps post a tutorial? * Connect your robot to AVM Navigator <...
12 year 6 4448
Object recognition or fiducual? [3]
You can also try to use AVM Navigator for visual beacons recognition in "Object recognition" mode: ...
12 year 6 4448
please help to make face/body folower for DV cam rotation head [3]
I think that you could use AVM module for this purpose: ...
12 year 7 3962
Training Time [8]
See "Route Recorder" for details: ...
13 year 7 2275
AVM navigator:navigation by map obstacle [5]
I have added option of disabling obstacle detection to Navigator dialog window . Now you can download next modification of AVM N...
13 year 7 3607
AVM navigator:navigation by map obstacle [7]
I prepared emulator program (based on Quake 3 mod) for acquaintance with "Marker mode" and "Navigation by map" modes.
13 year 7 3607
AVM: tank drive assumed? [3]
>> My Python code uses NV_FORWARD and NV_BACKWARDS to compute speed and direction for the motors.  It uses NV_RI...
12 year 7 3225
Lane & Obstacle Detection [7]
Sorry but it was not my experiment I just found it accidentally :) But you could ask author of this work: ...
12 year 7 2703
just in time debugger error [4]
You could also try AVM Navigator module for object recognition in your task: ...
12 year 7 2249
Training Time [6]
By the way, new version of AVM Navigator with "Navigation by map" mode is available now and robot automatically defines his lo...
13 year 7 2275
AVM Navigator variables [6]
I am just developer of AVM Navigator and I can clarify how to use this module or add some useful features to the new modificatio...
12 year 7 2346
Training Time [5]
The training time of AVM is not a problem in this case. If you not have enough time for training on some object then you should ...
13 year 7 2275

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