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Kurt Ingleson from United Kingdom  [6 posts]
12 year
Hi everyone, i am having a little trouble interfacing the avm module with my robot, my problem is as follows, in the module for my robot the value for forwards is -1000 and the value for reverse is 1000 varying up and down for more and less power ie half speed forwards would be -500 etc etc, its the oculus robot btw. However the avm plugin is sending 100 for forwards and -100 for reverse, im guessing i need a vb script to change the values but here is where im struggling a bit, can any vbscript wizards out there tell me what i should enter in the script to change the values to what the robot needs, ie if avm gives 50 for half speed forwards howto change that so the robot gets -500 etc etc on each motor one for left and one for right etc etc, thanks in advance for any help
EDV  [328 posts] 12 year
You should use "Scale Variable" module:

See attached robo file:
EDV  [328 posts] 12 year
Also Navigator package was updated and you can download next modification of AVM Navigator v0.7.3.2 from your account link.

- marker map recovery when target position is achieved (removing of additional markers from map)

In this case a reiteration of navigation is improved in consequence of removing of additional markers that was added in process of navigation by map.

So, you should redownload it.
ronn0011  [73 posts] 12 year
How to get the link for demo v 7. Can pls have a direct link. Because aftwr regiatering roborealm, i do nt have te avm navigator link on my email
EDV  [328 posts] 12 year
I am just developer of AVM Navigator and I can clarify how to use this module or add some useful features to the new modification. But all questions connected to distribution of AVM Navigator within RoboRealm package you should forward to RoboRealm team:
Anonymous 12 year

When you download RR the AVM plugin IS included. You will NOT receive another download link. If you look in

C:\Program Files\RoboRealm\Plugins

you should see Navigator.dll which IS the AVM module. This can be accessed within RoboRealm by from Contents->Plugins->Navigator OR from the Search tab and typing in Navigator (note that the word AVM is not part of the actual module, it is known as Navigator within RoboRealm).

If you do NOT see this please let me know as there has probably been an error in your install.

Anonymous 12 year

You need to map the variables into the correct range for oculus. Included is a robofile that does just that. Note that due to the requirement of AVM to have a pan camera this will not work as well on the Oculus that does not have a panable camera (its has a tilt but not a pan). You will get a lot of sawing of the robot (robot will move left to right a lot) as if moves along its path. Regardless the attached robofile should allow you to move Oculus using a keyboard with the AVM Navigation module running.


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