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Linksys Module [2]
I picked up a WVC200 today and loaded up the linksys module. I get the readout of fames counting up and can control the pan/tilt...
13 year 2 1748
water level in sump [6]
Or draw a scale on the wall and see how many the blobs camera can detect? ...
13 year 5 1830
water level in sump [5]
Ok, so you could try and reflect some light off the water surface and look for that. It would have to be at an angle then the po...
13 year 5 1830
water level in sump [3]
I would suggest a coloured ball in a clear plastic tube mounted to the wall. You should then be able to extract just the postion...
13 year 5 1830
Wall socket detection and data. [3]
Replying to my own post! I've been looking at getting the socket recognised as a Fiducial which works very well b...
14 year 2 2041
Wall socket detection and data. [2]
Hi, This is a rather general question. I need some software that is capable of detecting a UK 3pin wall socket and...
14 year 2 2041

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