Wall socket detection and data.
Kelton from United Kingdom  [6 posts]
13 year
This is a rather general question. I need some software that is capable of detecting a UK 3pin wall socket and providing distance and angle data. The idea is that my robot will be able to plug itself in for charging. I'm considering having a dedicated camera just for this purpose. The camera will possibly be mounted in the plug to aid alignment. The wall socket is a unique pattern of three dark rectangles, the socket will always be upright and vertically aligned with the camera. What I want ideally is software that will take my video stream and just produce a few values: Yes/No is a socket visible. Approx range/scale. Object offset from camera centre. Approx angle in relation to camera.
I am working my way through some of the roborelm tutorials but I wonder if anyone on here has done anything similar?

Kelton from United Kingdom  [6 posts] 13 year
Replying to my own post!
I've been looking at getting the socket recognised as a Fiducial which works very well but only if I draw a black line round the socket. I can't seam to explain to the software that i'm looking for the three holes. The contrast of the holes is really good though so they are very easy to pick out. The software wants to analyse each whole as a fiducial and draws a nice purple rectangle round each one. Looks promising though...


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