water level in sump
will from United States  [2 posts]
13 year
hello, as I sit here drying out my basement from a small water backup problem... I wonder if roborealm could help. I attached 2 images of my sump pump pit in my basement.  I'd like to be able to monitor the water level in it with my ip camera. I've got my camera images in roborealm but...

How can I figure out when the water level has risen too high? I'm a newbie so hopefully someone could help...


P.S. - I've had many water sensors in that thing they all get corroded from my crappy water quality. So I'd like to try using a camera. :-)

Kelton from United Kingdom  [6 posts] 13 year
I would suggest a coloured ball in a clear plastic tube mounted to the wall. You should then be able to extract just the postion of the coloured ball in the frame and determine how high the water is. Make sense?
will from United States  [2 posts] 13 year
Makes scene but that water is super rusty and dirty.....  The clear tube and ball would soon be a brownish rusty mess.  I'm thinking about just putting a floating ball (like in the back of a toilet) in the water with a sensor at the end or something.  Thanks for your thoughts :-)
Kelton from United Kingdom  [6 posts] 13 year
Ok, so you could try and reflect some light off the water surface and look for that. It would have to be at an angle then the position would change with the water height/depth.
Kelton from United Kingdom  [6 posts] 13 year
Or draw a scale on the wall and see how many the blobs camera can detect?

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