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Motion tracking Turet [3]
I poligse for the underling i didnt use the (/b)...
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Motion tracking Turet [2]
Alright so i am trying to build a motion tracking turret. But unlike the ones that are posted i am trying to make one that will ...
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Motion tracking Turet [5]
So I have planned the layout of the turret however i need to figure out the code. here is what i would prefer that...
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No Title [2]
The Microsoft Speech 5.0 is no longer availible is there anyother way to get input?...
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red tracking paintball turret
I was wondering how would you modify the vbs red tracking orbit camera script to be used with a parallax usb servo controller? <...
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red tracking servo controller [2]
so i was wondering how you would modify the red tracking orbit camera vbs so it would work on a parallax servo controller...
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interfacing an Arduino with robo realm? [6]
Yes please? ...
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