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Shane from United States  [6 posts]
15 year
Alright so i am trying to build a motion tracking turret. But unlike the ones that are posted i am trying to make one that will fire where the moving object will be . But i have no experience with servo motors and coding and i need some help. If anyone is willing to help that would be great. I am planning on using a parallax usb controller but if you have any suggestions on using something different i will consider using it.
Shane from United States  [6 posts] 15 year
I poligse for the underling i didnt use the (/b)
Anonymous 15 year

Sounds like you have some ideas in mind. The parallax usb controller will work nicely. Question is what your pan/tilt system will look like. You should start simple with something that you can attain and then create more advanced capabilities as you succeed. So first try to replicate what others have done to get you started which will also ensure that you will get some help since others have already accomplished what you are trying. Then, add the more advanced capabilities once you've established a good foundation. Please feel free to post here with questions/updates on your progress!

Shane from United States  [6 posts] 15 year
So I have planned the layout of the turret however i need to figure out the code.
here is what i would prefer that it would do:
-spin 360 degrees taking a panoramic shot
-keep on spinning checking for blobs that are not supposed to be there
-then centure on the blob and command a motor to fire
-track that blob and fire
I just what some help and advice on if this would take up to much work

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