USBmicro U4X1

The U421 or U401 is a USB solution that is pre-built, pre-programmed, and pre-tested and will get you interfacing your PC to various devices. These are great replacements for the now defunct Parallel Port. The boards offer up to 16 DIO lines that can be set as input or output at 5V.



1. Connection - If the board has been detected and drivers installed the module will connnect and display a green connected text. This indicates everything is working as epxected on the board.

2. Pin - The enable a particular pin click the checkbox next to the appropriate pin. Note that on the U401 the first pin is he 15th pin starting from the left.

3. Input/Output - Select the appropriate radio button that specifies if you want to use the pin as an input or output.

4. Checkbox - For an Output line, you can then click on the checkbox next to the radio buttons to manually switch the line on and off.

5. Variable - To automatically receive the input state or set the output state, specify or type in a variable that will contain or currently contains the value to use.

6. Bit - If you want to only utilize one of the bits within that variable value select the bit number to test or set (depending on if the pin is set as an input or output).

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