The Play RTTTL notes module will play the specified RTTTL (Ringtone) notes on a PC's speaker. This is similar to the Beep and Play Wave modules but offers a different type of tone generation.



1. Play Notes - you can paste RTTTL notes right into the Play Notes text are to play them on your PC speakers. Note that each time this module is run it will play the notes so you may want to surround this module with the If Statement module to selectively play those notes.

2. Play Variable - you can also chose to just play one of the default songs provided with RoboRealm in the music.rtttl file installed alongside RoboRealm. To do this select a variable that contains or will contain the name of the song to play. To select which song to play you can select it from the Song Name dropdown, play the song using the Play Song button and then incorporate its name in the play variable. Note that after the song is played the variable will be cleared to avoid repetition until it is reset.

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Play Wave

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