Creates an audible beep when run. Note that you probably want to use this as a signaling technique and not play a beep every time a frame is processed!



1. Manual Frequency - Specify beep frequency

2. Manual Duration - Specify beep duration

3. Manual Add - Press "Add" to add the beep into the play list

4. Manual List - Move the beep list items up, down, or edit the list as needed

5. Variable Frequency - Specify a variable or type one in that will contain the frequency of the tone to produce. If this is zero there will be no audible tone.

6. Variable Duration - Specify how long the note should play for by specifying a variable that contains that duration in milliseconds. If this is 0 the note will play continuously until either the frequency is set to zero or the application is terminated.

7. Specify if the beep should use the Internal Piezo Buzzer or play through the speakers.

8. Click OK to add the module to the image pipeline.

Note that when the variable selection is used the frequency can be changed even while the note is playing if the duration of the note is zero (continuous play).

See Also

Play Rtttl

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