Parallax Servo Controller

The Parallax module allows you to interface RoboRealm to servos via a servo controller made by Parallax. The Parallax Servo Controller (Serial) or Parallax Servo Controller (USB) boards support 32 servo control channels.


Parallax RoboRealm controller module interface


1. Comm - Select the appropriate port in the Comm group.

2. Servo Channels -After specifying this information you should be able to move your servos by dragging the sliders to the right or left or by specifying a number within the current value text box in the Servo Channels area. If the servos do not move check your Comm settings and/or board connections. Note that RoboRealm communicates using 2400 baud to the Parallax controllers.

3. Channel # - Select the appropriate variables that contain or will contain the position value that will be sent to the servo board. This is used to automatically change the servo values based on your VBScript (using the SetVariable function) or Extension based program. You can also use the min/max limits to ensure that even if the variables specify large or low values (due to programming errors) that the board does not actually attempt to move the servos above or below the specified limits. This can be used as an additional precaution in case your servos cannot physically move beyond certain limits.

The ramp field is used to change the ramp speed of the servo to increase or decrease the rate at which the servo travels to its position. The valid range is from 0 to 63. If you wish to programmatically control the ramp field create a second variable with the same name as the specified variable but append a '_ramp' postfix to it. For example if your main variable to control the position is called "pan" then the second variable name to control the ramp value would be "pan_ramp".

4. Press STOP if you need to quickly disable all the servos and return them to the middle or neutral position.

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