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The "Format Date/Time" module provides a way to format a datetime value stored in a variable into another. For example, you specify can IMAGE_DATETIME as the input variable, then select or type what output variable you want to use and then the date format type desired. The module will take care of parsing the date/time and format that as specified. Note that the output variable can then be displayed, saved, etc. within other modules.



1. Input Variable - The variable that holds the datetime value that is to be formatted. If this is empty the current time is assumed.

2. Output Variable - The variable that will contain the formatted date string.

3. Format - Select the time/date stamp format that you would like to use. If you do not find an appropriate format select the Custom radio button and type in the appropriate format string. You can use the button to the right of the custom text field to select appropriate date/time strings. Note that any text not recognized as a time/date placeholder will be printed as text.

The following outlines the time/date stamp placeholders that can be used:

M - month number
MM - month number - zero padded
MON - 3 letter monthN
Mon - 3 letter monthN2
mon - 3 letter monthN3
MONTH - full monthNTH
Month - full monthNTH2
month - full monthNTH3
DDD - days in year
DD - days in month - zero padded
D - days in month
LD - last day in month
DW - day in week
DY - 3 letter weekday
Dy - 3 letter weekday
dy - 3 letter weekday
DAY - full weekday
Day - full weekday
day - full weekday
YYYY - 4 letter year
YY - 2 letter year
WW - week in year
W - week in month
HH - hour
HH24 - 24 hour
MI - minutes
SS - seconds
MS - milli-seconds
PM - AM / PM indicator
pm - am / pm indicator

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