Output CIRCLES information on the serial port
JMAJ van Kempen  [2 posts]
16 year
I have a very simplistic camera setup; an image with one ball on a white paper background. Used the outline and circle detection module to detect the ball. This is working fine and the ball is detected.

Now if i look at the "Watch variable" function then i can see the position values in the CIRCLES variable change when i move the ball.
When i activate the serial module and give as output [IMAGE COUNT], <tab>, [CIRCLES],<cr>,<lf> then i only see that the image count value transmitted, no value from the CIRCLES array.

Can someone help in this?



Anonymous 16 year

Thanks for your post!

It appears that the serial module was not aware of array type values like the CIRCLES array. This has been fixed and the documentation updated to reflect the format. See http://www.roborealm.com/help/Serial.php for further information under the Examples heading towards the end of the page.

You will have to re-download RoboRealm to get this fix.

Let us know if you still have problems ...

JMAJ van Kempen  [2 posts] 16 year


Works and gives rock-solid output, i can now continu my small project.

Thanks for the quick repair.


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